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Atlanta Terroristic Threats Attorney

Under O.C.G.A. § 16-11-37, a terroristic threat involves a person threatening to commit a crime of violence, release a hazardous substance, or burn or damage property. These threats must be issued with the purpose of terrorizing another party, to trigger the evacuation of a building, facility, or public transport, to cause serious public inconvenience. If you are accused of committing a terroristic threat, you are at risk of suffering heavy penalties in a conviction. Your first action must be to retain an experienced criminal lawyer to protect your rights. Contact Wallack Law in Atlanta for professional legal counsel.

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  • Wallack Law is not an everyday law firm. Attorney Sandy Wallack has 25 years serving as a trial lawyer in criminal cases and has achieved many remarkable verdicts in tough cases.
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What are the Penalties for Terroristic Threats?

The penalties imposed in a conviction vary, based upon whether the charge was filed as a misdemeanor or felony. In cases in which the threat suggested the death of another person, the charge is filed as a felony, punishable by fines up to $1,000 and prison time not less than one year, and up to five. If any person was injured as a result of the threat, the fines are increased exponentially, up to $250,000, with incarceration for not less than five years, and as long as forty.

In cases in which a terroristic threat had the purpose of evacuating a building, facility, public transportation or a place of assembly, or with the purpose of causing a serious public inconvenience, the fines will be not less than $50,000, and incarceration for not less than five, and up to forty years, or both.

Defending Against Charges of Terroristic Threats

The first step in defending against a charge of a terroristic threat is a full review and evaluation of the facts, including investigating the party making the accusation. Every aspect of law enforcement procedure must be fully investigated to identify any rights violations. You can trust Wallack Law to take every possible action to discover valuable information that could lead to a case dismissal, reduced charge, or an acquittal.

Most cases in which a person has been charged with committing a terroristic threat are filed when one person claims another has threatened harm, or to kill. Any threat of harm to another, even just words uttered in anger can lead to facing charges. In a misdemeanor case, a conviction will include probation, fines, community service, and anger management classes, with your criminal record permanently damaged, affecting every area of your life, including your employment, relationships, and personal and professional reputation.

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