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Atlanta Aggravated Assault Defense Attorney

Aggravated assault is a serious crime that carries severe penalties upon conviction. If you are facing these charges, it is crucial to get an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side as soon as possible. Contact Wallack Law in Atlanta today for the dedicated legal representation you need if you have been accused of aggravated assault.

Why Choose Wallack Law?

  • We are passionate about fighting for your freedom. Founding attorney Sanford A. Wallack chose to be a criminal defense lawyer to protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of individuals charged with a crime.
  • Our law firm has been established in Atlanta for 15 years. Attorney Sandy Wallack has been practicing criminal defense law in the metro area for 25 years.
  • We are honest and frank in our counseling. We offer personalized service and take an out-of-the-box approach to the cases we handle.

What Is Aggravated Assault?

In the state of Georgia, assault is an attempt to cause physical injury to another person. It can also be any intentional act or threat of action that reasonably causes another person to fear impending violence. Battery is a similar crime that involves actually committing, not simply threatening, violence. Under Ga. Code Ann. Section 16-5-21, aggravated assaulted is a serious felony offense that is committed:

  • With the intent to rob, rape, or murder;
  • With a deadly weapon, or any object that can be used in a manner resulting in serious bodily injury or strangulation; or
  • By discharging a firearm from a vehicle.

What Are the Penalties for Aggravated Assault?

Upon conviction of aggravated assault, penalties may include:

  • One to 20 years in prison (three years minimum for aggravated assault that involves discharging a firearm from a vehicle);
  • Probation for up to 20 years;
  • Fine of up to $100,000; and
  • Restitution (reimbursing the victim for losses resulting from the crime).

Minimum Prison Sentences for Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault or battery under certain circumstances carries mandatory minimum prison sentences of three, five, or 10 years, depending on the victim. These mandatory prison term minimums are imposed when a defendant is convicted of aggravated assault or battery:

  • On public transit property
  • In a public transit vehicle
  • Against certain victims (such as a law enforcement officer, a corrections officer, a person 65 years or older, a family member, or an intimate partner)

Defenses against Aggravated Assault Charges

When we represent you in an aggravated assault case, we will investigate the incident to determine if you were wrongfully charged or if there are other reasons that your case should be dismissed before trial. Defense against aggravated assault will depend on the circumstances surrounding your case. One of the most common defenses against this charge is self-defense or using force of threat of force to protect yourself from immediate physical violence. Self-defense is an affirmative defense, meaning you do not dispute the facts of the case, but your reasons for doing what you did are valid and justifiable under the law.

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A felony conviction of aggravated assault can seriously impact your life and future. Convicted felons lose the right to vote, serve as jurors, hold public office, or carry or own firearms. If you are facing aggravated assault charges, contact a Atlanta criminal defense attorney at Wallack Law in Atlanta right away. We will fight aggressively for the best possible outcome in your case.