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Atlanta Forgery Charges Attorney

Forgery in the first degree is a very serious crime. It can involve the falsifying, altering or possession of writing attributed to another individual without their authorization. Forgery charges may be filed in state or federal court and a conviction can lead a sentence up to ten years in state prison.

A conviction will depend on the ability of the prosecution to demonstrate criminal intent. At Wallack law, our experienced criminal attorney will fight to protect your best interests by identifying the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. If you are currently facing forgery charges, steps must be taken to safeguard your future. Contact Wallack Law today and speak with our criminal attorney about defending your case.

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  • Experience and knowledge set Wallack Law apart from many other criminal law firms. Sandy Wallack has been aggressively protecting and fighting for his clients’ rights for over 25 years.
  • Wallack Law provides personalized attention to every case taken on and has successfully employed innovative strategies to achieve the optimum outcome in forgery cases.
  • Sandy Wallack chose to focus upon criminal law because he has a passion to protect those whose rights are in jeopardy. He has helped many of his clients to avoid harsh penalties by employing out-of-the-box defense strategies.

Why you Need a Forgery Defense Lawyer

To prevent others from committing this crime, state and federal prosecutors often seek the maximum penalties for forgery. As a result, the Georgia criminal justice system will be aggressively pursuing a conviction if they believe you are guilty of committing the crime of forgery. Retaining experienced defense counsel as early as possible after an arrest greatly improves your chances of achieving a favorable outcome. Whether seeking a case dismissal, reduced charges, or an acquittal, your case will be in good hands at Wallack law.

Laws and Penalties for Forgery

Forgery consists of the making, alteration or possession of any forged writing. First degree forgery would include the attempted usage or delivery of the document whereas second degree forgery requires only that one knowingly makes alterations or is in possession of forged documents. This can include documents which are printed and have an inherent or potential value such as:

  • Money
  • Trademarks
  • Stamps
  • Credit cards
  • Signatures
  • UPC labels

A forged written document can include any section claimed to be written or signed another person (real or fictitious). It can also include documents that have a false aspect such as the time or the permissions in the document.

  • First Degree Forgery: Forgery in the first degree can bring heavy penalties such as 15 years imprisonment. Fourth degree felony is a misdemeanor and can result in 12 months of jail time and a fine of up to $1,000.
  • Second Degree Forgery: This crime involves the intent to defraud by making, altering, or possessing documents in another party’s name, or with altered provisions, or appear to be authorized by a party who did not provide that authorization. The penalties imposed in a conviction are a minimum of one year, and up to five years in state prison.
  • Third Degree Forgery: Third degree forgery involves the creation or use of a forged check in the amount of $1,500 or more with the intent to defraud, deceive, or injure another party. The charge can be filed in cases in which ten or more checks were written of an unspecified amount that were made or altered to appear as if another party had written them.
  • Fourth Degree Forgery: For forged checks up to $1,500 in value, the crime is charged as a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to 12 months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

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The Georgia justice system can and will impose heavy penalties in a conviction. Wallack Law has helped many clients obtain favorable case results by successfully navigating an unsympathetic justice system. If you have been accused of a forgery crime, contact Wallack Law today for a free initial consultation.