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Cybercrimes are being prosecuted aggressively today. Law enforcement agencies have made crimes on the internet a top priority. There is routine monitoring for indications of criminal activity, and federal and local agencies go online in an attempt to entice offenders into acts that result in crimes. If you have been accused of a cybercrime, it is in your best interests to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Contact Wallack Law in Atlanta, GA today for the dedicated representation you need.

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • Our practice is dedicated exclusively to criminal defense matters. Managing attorney Sanford A. Wallack became a criminal defense lawyer because of his passion for protecting our constitutional rights and fighting for people charged with a crime.
  • We have extensive knowledge and experience in our field. Sandy Wallack has been practicing criminal defense for 25 years. Our law firm has been established for 15 years.
  • We are honest and frank in counseling you about your options. We work hard to offer you the best options available and to educate you on those options. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to which option you pursue.

What Are Cyber Crimes?

Cybercrimes are criminal offenses committed via the internet or aided by some form or computer technology, such as online networks. Many of the offenses committed with a computer or smartphone today were committed in person before 21st Century technology. Common forms of cybercrimes include:

  • Phishing: Using fake email messages to get personal information from users of the internet
  • Distribution: Distributing child pornography
  • Grooming: Making sexual advances to minors
  • Identity theft: Acquiring and misusing personal information
  • Hate crimes: Spreading hate and inciting terrorism
  • Hacking: Misusing or shutting down websites or networks

State Law against Cyber Crimes

Under the Georgia Computer Systems Protection Act, the following specific computer crimes are identified:

  • Computer theft: Using a computer or network without authority with the purpose of taking the property of another.
  • Computer trespass: Using a computer or network without authority to alter, delete, or interfere with a computer program or data.
  • Computer invasion of privacy: Using a computer or network to examine personal or financial data relating to another person without authority to do so.
  • Computer forgery: Creating, deleting, or altering data in a fraudulent manner.
  • Computer password disclosure: Disclosing a computer or network code or password without authority.

What Are the Penalties for Cyber Crimes in Georgia?

Penalties for computer theft, trespass, invasion of privacy, and forgery may include up to 15 years in prison and/or up to $50,000 in fines. Computer password disclosure carries penalties of up to one year of incarceration and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

How We Defend against Cyber Crime Charges

When we represent you in a cybercrime matter, we can work in conjunction with technical forensic specialists to track, capture, and organize digital evidence to support your case. This may include transaction records, web history, downloaded materials, and critical dates. We will review the evidence with you and determine the best defense and strategy for your case.

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State or federal allegations of cybercrime are a serious matter that could greatly impact your entire future. Call Wallack Law in Atlanta right away to get an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side to protect your rights and tenaciously pursue the best possible outcome in your case.