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Atlanta Post-Conviction Attorney

If you were convicted of a crime, the law provides several legal options for recourse, including filing a motion for a new trial (MNT), an appeal, or a writ of habeas corpus. At Wallack Law in Atlanta, we provide experienced legal representation for post-conviction relief.

Why Choose Wallack Law?

At Wallack Law, our post-conviction relief attorneys can assist you with this critical process.

  • We have 25 years of experience assisting those who have been wrongfully convicted.
  • Our attorneys provide personalized, ongoing attention to your case to attempt to speed a slow process.
  • We are proud of our personal passion for assisting those who have been wrongfully convicted or sentenced to achieve justice and fair treatment.

Motion for a New Trial

Under certain conditions, a motion for a new trial can be filed. To be successful, the filing must clearly outline a significant legal error at trial, or that the judge came to an incorrect result. The motion must be filed within a few days of the judgment.


While one hopes that a trial will be fair, errors occur in criminal trials, whether intentional or unintentional, leading to a miscarriage of justice. In these cases, an appeal can be filed. In the appeals process, Wallack Law will submit a written brief outlining clearly the errors or acts of negligence that occurred in the legal proceedings that violated your right to a fair trial. These actions could include a prosecutor withholding exculpatory evidence or other significant error or omission. The quality of the brief filed on your behalf is the critical point in the success of an appeal.

Habeas Corpus

The term “habeas corpus” is Latin for “you have the body.” Under Georgia law, a habeas petition is a legal challenge regarding the incarceration of an inmate. This petition is often filed if an appeal has failed, and can be effective in overturning an unfair sentence, in many cases as a last resort. A habeas petition is based upon a denial of your rights under the U.S. Constitution. The types of legal issues that may require filing such a petition include:

  • Ineffective assistance by counsel
  • Illegal search or seizure
  • Insufficient evidence for a conviction
  • Jury instructions that led to an unfair trial

Get Help from Wallack Law

If you or a loved one has been wrongfully convicted of a crime or has had an unfair sentence imposed in a criminal case, you the legal right to seek post-conviction relief. Your first step is to contact Wallack Law for a free initial consultation to determine the most effective approach to seeking justice. Call today for help – there is very limited time in which to file.