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Atlanta Domestic Violence Attorney

A domestic violence charge is a serious legal matter. Even when an accusation is unfounded, the accused person is in a difficult legal position if accused of committing an assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, or other form of domestic violence. The first, and most important action is to ensure you are protected by our Atlanta criminal defense lawyer at Wallack Law.

Why Choose Wallack Law if Accused of Domestic Violence?

  • Attorney Sandy Wallack is among the most experienced knowledgeable trial lawyers serving in the field of criminal defense, with 25 years in practice.
  • He has a passion for criminal defense law, providing personalized attention and innovative, out-of-the-box strategies for every case he takes on.
  • He works closely with his clients, with open, honest and frank counsel so you understand your real-world options. He works hard for his clients, as he is driven to perform at the highest level, both in negotiations with the prosecutor and presenting your case in court.

Types of Domestic Violence Charges in Atlanta

Domestic violence charges vary in degree, based upon what occurred. Some of the most commonly filed domestic violence charges include:

  • Simple assault: These are cases in which it alleged that a person attempted to commit a violent injury upon another or commits an act which places the other person in reasonable fear that a violent injury will occur. Under OCGA § 16-6-20, this misdemeanor crime can lead to up to 12 months in jail in a conviction.
  • Aggravated assault: Aggravated assault is a felony crime, which involves the use of violence with a deadly weapon (of any type), which has, or could have, inflicted serious bodily injury. This offense carries penalties of up to 20 years in state prison.
  • Simple battery: Physical contact has occurred, causing physical harm or of a provoking or insulting nature. A misdemeanor, this crime carries penalties of up to 12 months in jail.
  • Aggravated battery: This crime involves the malicious bodily harm caused to another, leading to injuring a body part, rendering it useless, or a disfiguring in jury.
  • Violations of family violence orders: A restraining order violation can lead to serious legal consequences, including incarceration.

Accused of Domestic Violence?

An innocent person can be accused of committing an act of domestic violence. Various situations may have led to an altercation that required defending yourself, or the accusation may be completely false. Whatever occurred in your case, your personal and professional reputation can be permanently damaged by the accusation. If the alleged victim recants, the prosecutor may still choose to move forward with pressing charges against you.

In some cases, the accusation is the result of an acrimonious divorce, custody issue, or difficult breakup. If you are facing criminal accusations of domestic violence, you are at risk of losing some of your rights and freedoms, including the ability to legally enter your own home, have access to your possessions, your children, and the right to possess firearms. If convicted, the conviction will remain on your criminal record, easily accessed by any person with a computer or cellphone.

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