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Atlanta Firearm Offenses Attorney

Under Georgia laws, heavy penalties are imposed in firearm offenses. If you are accused of committing a weapons offense, you must act quickly to retain an Atlanta criminal attorney with a record of success in criminal court. At Wallack Law, we are dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of our clients and have achieved some notable case results with our innovative defense strategies.

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Wallack Law offers you experience and an exceptional level of knowledge in the field of criminal defense, with 25 years in criminal law. Attorney Sandy Wallack has a personal passion for criminal defense and is dedicated to providing personalized attention and assistance. He is known for developing innovative, out-of-the-box defense strategies that produce positive results.

Firearm Charges and Penalties

Firearm charges may be filed in state or federal court. Under Georgia State Laws, the charges that may be filed against you include:

  • Possession of Unlawful Firearms: An individual who is believed to have been in knowingly unlawful possession of a firearm such as a sawed-off shotgun, rifle, machine gun, silencer, or dangerous weapon as defined under state law faces a penalty of imprisonment for up to five years.
  • Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon: Under § Sec 16-11-131, convicted felons cannot possess firearms, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, or similar weapons of any type. After a first time conviction and probation, a person who is found to be in possession of a firearm can face up to five years in state prison as punishment, with a mandatory one year.
  • Possession of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime: Under Georgia Code 16-11-106, A “forcible felony,” or felony offense involving the use or threat of physical force or violence with a firearm within arm’s reach, whether used or not, including the crimes of murder, burglary, robbery, home invasion, kidnapping, hijacking, aggravated stalking, rape, sexual battery, drug crimes, will bring added charges, with added penalties of up to five years in prison.

Defense Against Firearm Charges in Atlanta

The first step in defending against a firearms charge is a full evaluation of the facts in your case. It is not uncommon that an investigation will reveal errors by law enforcement, rights violations, or other facet of the case that can lead to a dismissal, reduction of charges, or other opportunity. Above all, exercise your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. Whether you have already been charged or are under investigation, protecting your rights is the primary concern, and at Wallack Law, we insist that our clients’ rights are protected at every step of the case.

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