COAMs: An Exception to Gambling  |  

The Stakes Have Been Raised Bona fide coin-operated amusement devices, referred to as COAMs, are exceptions to the gambling statutes. They are legal to operate in Georgia in accordance with O.C.G.A. §§ 16-12-35 and 48-17-1 et seq. and as authorized … Continue reading

Interviews Since APS Verdict  |  

Dessa Curb and Sandy Wallack have been talking to quite a few reporters and getting a good deal of press coverage since the APS Trial verdict was read on April 1. Here are a few links to some of the … Continue reading

Only One of Twelve Found Not Guilty in Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial  |  

Atlanta criminal defense attorney Sanford (Sandy) Wallack successfully defends accused in Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial ATLANTA – MAY 2015 – On March 29, 2013, 35 former Atlanta Public School educators were indicted for conspiring to violate the Racketeer Influenced … Continue reading

Sandy Wallack Interviewed About His Use of Technology During APS Trial  |  

Nichole Black interviewed me about my usage of TrialPad in article titled, Today’s Tech: How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Uses Trial Presentation Technology, posted on Above the Law. Here’s a quote: “Not only did TrialPad streamline the trial presentation process … Continue reading

APS Cheating Trial Verdicts Delivered  |  

After many long months of work and deliberations, I am pleased to report that my client, Dessa Curb, a teacher at Dobbs Elementary, was found not guilty on all charges when the final verdict was read. She is the only … Continue reading

Fate of those Accused in APS Cheating Trial Now in Jury’s Hands  |  

After 8 months of trial, the fate of the defendants in the APS cheating trial is now in the hands of the jury. Here are a few articles on this topic. AJC: APS cheating trial, March 26: Fifth day of … Continue reading

Closing Arguments in APS Cheating Trial  |  

After 8 long months, the APS trial jury heard closing arguments in mid-March. Here are a few of the latest links to news coverage of the last portion of the trial. 11 Alive: Day two of closing arguments in the … Continue reading

News on Dr. Beverly Hall’s Death  |  

While Beverly Hall, former APS superintendent, was often discussed during the APS cheating trial, she was unable to stand trial due to her battle with breast cancer. As the trial was coming to a close, she passed away due to … Continue reading

Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial Continues  |  

Yes, it’s still going on, but the end just might be in sight. Here are the latest headlines and stories… AJC: Defense rests in APS cheating trial AJC: APS cheating trial’s end in sight (PDF) AJC: APS Cheating Trial: February 24, 2015 AJC: … Continue reading

The Latest News on the APS Cheating Trial  |  

The media coverage of the trial has slowed to a trickle, but here are a few of the latest stories and photos from the trial. AJC: Witness in APS trial: “I was a dead woman walking” AJC: Photos from January … Continue reading