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Identity Theft vs Identity Fraud: What’s the Difference?

April 21, 2024 Posted In Criminal Defense,Fraud

The use of a person’s identity, including their name, address, and Social Security number, that is not yours is illegal. However, various types of claims can be brought based on how these actions occur. Identity theft occurs when a person takes another person’s identity to use as their own. Identity fraud is a type of…

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Hand in Hand: Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

March 25, 2024 Posted In Criminal Defense,Fraud

Tax evasion and money laundering both involve fraudulent activity involving money and based on deceptive practices. The offenses often occur separately, producing their own charges. While one of the offenses can occur without committing the other, these actions frequently go hand in hand. Facing tax evasion and money laundering can result in life-altering consequences. A…

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What is ACH (Automated Clearing House) Fraud?

March 21, 2024 Posted In Criminal Defense,Fraud

Moving money between banks happens with the touch of a keystroke. A clearinghouse provides a safe space for payments, withdrawals, debit, and credit transfers to sit until authorization is given for the transfer. This network is a secure means of moving funds until specific data is breached, giving unauthorized individuals access to financial accounts and…

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