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Your Right to Not Talk to Police

January 31, 2023 Posted In Your Rights

This article – about Alec Baldwin and the tragic fatal shooting accident during the filming of a movie – presents an excellent reminder of the importance of UNDERSTANDING and EXERCISING your right to NOT talk to the police, more formally known as your Fifth Amendment Privilege or your right to remain silent.

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Forfeiture Is a Real and Growing Threat to All Citizens

April 18, 2017 Posted In Your Rights

Think the government won’t take your property because this is America? Think again. Recently, one of the United States Supreme Court Justices shined a light on a disturbing trend of government officials taking our money and property in Leonard v. Texas. Forfeiture (formally civil asset forfeiture) is the procedure whereby federal and state officials seek…

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United, What Were You Thinking?

April 14, 2017 Posted In Your Rights

By now everyone has seen the video of David Dao, a 69-year-old doctor, being dragged off his flight on United Airlines. Dao’s attorney has described his client’s unceremonious ejection as more traumatic than Dao’s escape from war-torn Vietnam in 1975. Can you hear the roar of a massive lawsuit gaining steam? From Dao’s viewpoint, the…

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