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Atlanta Criminal Defense Blog

Discussion of Legal Issues for Defense Lawyers of Robert Aaron Long in Tragic Shootings

March 28, 2021 Posted In Criminal Defense

Thank you Portia Bruner with Fox5 Altanta for having me on this week to discuss preliminary issues and considerations for the defense attorneys representing Robert Aaron Long for the murder charges resulting from his recent horrific shooting spree in Atlanta.

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A Client’s Perspective: How an FBI Investigation Improved My Life

January 10, 2017 Posted In Criminal Defense

The following is an article written by Amy Williams, a client whose case was recently won. In it, she provides a candid perspective on what it is like to live through a criminal trial, and its impact on not just herself, but those around her as well. It’s funny the path your life may have…

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Sandy Wallack Interviewed about Atlanta’s Tex McIver Homicide Investigation

October 10, 2016 Posted In Criminal Defense

If you’ve been keeping up with the news on the tragic shooting death of Diane McIver, you know there’s quite a bit of speculation as to whether her death was truly an accident. It’s easy to get caught up in the media accounts, and with multiple cable shows sensationalizing how one disgruntled spouse was out…

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