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Atlanta Criminal Defense Blog

What is ACH (Automated Clearing House) Fraud?

March 21, 2024 Posted In Criminal Defense,Fraud

Moving money between banks happens with the touch of a keystroke. A clearinghouse provides a safe space for payments, withdrawals, debit, and credit transfers to sit until authorization is given for the transfer. This network is a secure means of moving funds until specific data is breached, giving unauthorized individuals access to financial accounts and…

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Credit Card Fraud and RFID Skimming

February 20, 2024 Posted In Fraud

Credit card fraud and RFID skimming are two types of illegal transactions in which a non-authorized user accesses another person’s credit card account and uses it in some way. Understanding these two types of acts is essential for anyone charged with a crime since the consequences in either case can be severe. The Atlanta credit…

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Illegal vs. Legal Insider Trading

January 6, 2024 Posted In Criminal Defense,Gambling,Trading,Your Rights

Over the years, the term insider trading has garnered a negative connotation as media coverage and the decisions of well-known individuals have landed them in the spotlight for these actions. However, insider trading is not always an illegal offense, and individuals who buy and sell stock based on government guidelines are doing so within the…

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