Wallack Law Receives Award from Laws.com  |  

As a criminal defense attorney, my greatest rewards come through my clients; sharing in their joy and relief when their cases end as they had hoped brings intense satisfaction. Occasionally, however, I am honored to receive another kind of award. … Continue reading

Check Out My Feature Story on Laws.com  |  

I’m honored to have been featured in a story on Laws.com. The author explores why I chose to be a defense attorney, the challenges of the job, my advice for others and how to find the right attorney. Click above to read … Continue reading

Defending Multiple Clients in the Same Case  |  

Do you have a right to have your attorney of choice represent you?  May it even be beneficial for individual defendants in the same case to rely on the same attorney? In some instances, yes. I have joined other defense counsel … Continue reading

What Do Miranda Rights Get You?  |  

Time and again, I hear this familiar refrain from clients: “The officer did not read me my Miranda rights so they have to dismiss my case, right?”  Unfortunately, a failure to advise an individual of his Miranda rights will not … Continue reading

What To Do If Called By The Police?  |  

Recently, I represented two clients who each contacted me because they had received calls from a law enforcement agency requesting they come in for an interview. Both clients were wise enough to immediately contact and retain defense counsel. Ultimately, for … Continue reading

Commercial Gambling Consequences  |  

Because the consequences are significant, if you are under investigation or have been arrested for a commercial gambling offense, you need to retain criminal defense counsel who is knowledgeable and experienced in this particular area of the law. In 2010, … Continue reading