Forfeiture Is a Real and Growing Threat to All Citizens  |  

Think the government won’t take your property because this is America? Think again. Recently, one of the United States Supreme Court Justices shined a light on a disturbing trend of government officials taking our money and property in Leonard v. … Continue reading

United, What Were You Thinking?  |  

By now everyone has seen the video of David Dao, a 69-year-old doctor, being dragged off his flight on United Airlines. Dao’s attorney has described his client’s unceremonious ejection as more traumatic than Dao’s escape from war-torn Vietnam in 1975. … Continue reading

A Client’s Perspective: How an FBI Investigation Improved My Life  |  

The following is an article written by Amy Williams, a client whose case was recently won. In it, she provides a candid perspective on what it is like to live through a criminal trial, and its impact on not just … Continue reading

Dessa Curb Not Guilty in APS Cheating Trial  |  

Retired Atlanta Public Schools special education teacher, Dessa Curb, with her defense attorney, Sandy Wallack, and sister, Aleesa Williams, leave the Fulton County Courthouse after Curb’s verdicts of not guilty on all charges in the APS cheating trial on April … Continue reading

Sandy Wallack Interviewed About First Amendment Rights and Halloween Decorations  |  

When election years come around, the Halloween decorations sometimes take a decidedly personal turn. This year’s passionate feelings on all points of the political spectrum have inspired some particularly gruesome scenarios in front of houses and businesses, with Trump and … Continue reading

Sandy Wallack Interviewed about Atlanta’s Tex McIver Homicide Investigation  |  

If you’ve been keeping up with the news on the tragic shooting death of Diane McIver, you know there’s quite a bit of speculation as to whether her death was truly an accident. It’s easy to get caught up in … Continue reading

Amy Williams Acquitted of Federal Bank Fraud After Eight Years  |  

With twenty years experience in real estate and mortgages, Amy Williams opened up her own business, United International Mortgage Corporation (UIM), in 2004. Like many businesses during the real estate boom and subsequent economic crisis of the mid-2000s, her company … Continue reading

Shaun Metoyer’s Convictions Overturned in Habeas Corpus Petition  |  

In May 1999, Shaun Metoyer was convicted after a jury trial for multiple counts of armed robbery and related offenses in Augusta-Richmond County. Metoyer was sentenced to consecutive life sentences. The Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed his convictions in 2006, … Continue reading

Recent Results  |  

From time to time I will share some of my recent results here on my blog. Below you’ll find results through August 31, 2015.    What have I been up to lately? After spending eight months on trial in the APS … Continue reading

Wallack Law Weighs in on the Delta – Air Tran Class Action Suit  |  

Like travelers across the country, Sandy Wallack has been keeping a keen eye on the progress of a class action lawsuit against Delta and Air Tran. Now a judge has ruled that the suit can proceed to trial, clearing the … Continue reading