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Amy Williams Acquitted of Federal Bank Fraud After Eight Years

August 15, 2016 Posted In Criminal Defense

With twenty years experience in real estate and mortgages, Amy Williams opened up her own business, United International Mortgage Corporation (UIM), in 2004. Like many businesses during the real estate boom and subsequent economic crisis of the mid-2000s, her company thrived before closing its doors in 2008.

Shortly thereafter, the FBI and the FDIC notified Ms. Williams that she was being investigated for federal crimes. Sanford (Sandy) Wallack began representing Ms. Williams in 2010. In July 2013, Ms. Williams was indicted for multiple counts of bank fraud and conspiracy to commit bank fraud, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1344(1) and (2), related to First Coweta Bank.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office superseded the indictment in September 2015 and again in November 2015, adding additional charges related to Southern Community Bank. The new allegations were that Ms. Williams directed the use of funds disbursed from lines of credit that UIM held with both banks for unauthorized purposes.

After a five-day jury trial held in the Gainesville division in the Northern District of Georgia, Ms. Williams was acquitted of all charges.