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Sandy Wallack Interviewed About His Use of Technology During APS Trial

April 16, 2015 Posted In Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial

Nichole Black interviewed me about my usage of TrialPad in article titled, Today’s Tech: How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Uses Trial Presentation Technology, posted on Above the Law. Here’s a quote: “Not only did TrialPad streamline the trial presentation process — it helped Sanford stand out from the pack. “Because everyone else essentially relied on ELMO for trial presentation, it made me appear more organized and effective,” he says. “I had positive reactions from other lawyers and the witnesses. In fact, in one instance, when I did a call out on a document and it popped up on the screen, the witness said something to the extent that that was the coolest thing she’d ever seen!” To read the rest of the article, click here.