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Interviews Since APS Verdict

May 11, 2015 Posted In Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial

Dessa Curb and Sandy Wallack have been talking to quite a few reporters and getting a good deal of press coverage since the APS Trial verdict was read on April 1.  Here are a few links and references to some of the previous stories and interviews featuring Sandy and/or Wallack Law.

Business Radio X: Atlanta Legal Experts Interviews GA Top Trial Lawyers (Sandy’s interview starts at 44:15)

Business Radio X: Atlanta Business Radio (Sandy’s interview starts at 25:00)

WABE: Radio Interview

11 Alive: Dessa Curb never believed the jury would find her guilty of cheating (previous video interview)

AJC: Found Not Guilty – Dessa Curb (previous video)

Inside Edition: 11 teachers found guilty in the biggest cheating scandal in U.S. history (view video)

CBS Atlanta: Too Much Truth Exclusive: APS Educator Found Guilty Of Cheating Scandal (previous audio recording)

WSB TV: RAW VIDEO – APS teacher not convicted in cheating scandal speaks (video)

V103: Interview with Dessa Curb and Sandy Wallack after trial (previous audio recording)

AJC: Only APS defendant cleared feels ‘blessed,’ but sad for friends (previous photo/article)

Daily Report: The Only Winning Defense Lawyer in APS Trial Calls Victory ‘Bittersweet’ (previous article)

News One Now: Interview with Attorneys J. Kevin Franks & Sandy Wallack (previous interview)

AJC Get Schooled Editorial: Fulton DA Paul Howard is my friend but he was wrong in APS case (previous article)

Huffington Post: Accountability for Whom? (article) The Atlanta Schools Verdict – Sometimes The Judge Loses It Entirely (article)

Yahoo Finance: The Biggest Outrage in Atlanta’s Crazy Teacher Cheating Case (article)

The Progressive: Atlanta Trial – The Ultimate in Test-and-Punish (article)

The Grio: In the Atlanta Cheating Scandal, Standardized Testing is the Crime (article)