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Atlanta Insider Trading Attorney

Both state and federal governments require individuals with knowledge of material information about a company to participate in public trading of stock according to the laws, creating a level playing field. When transactions occur outside these parameters, insider trading charges, a financial crime, can be placed against you. Wallack Law provides exceptional experience as an Atlanta white collar crime lawyer with an extensive knowledge of illegal insider trading offenses.

How an Atlanta Insider Trading Lawyer Can Help You

Charges of financial fraud resulting from illegal insider trading can have severe consequences, affecting a career, financial stability, and reputation within a particular industry. Our strategy is to provide innovative approaches and defenses to your unique situation. In an honest and upfront manner, we will examine the possibilities that create the best representation in your case:

  • Investigate whether a client was aware the information was confidential
  • Show a client lacked the material to participate in illegal insider trading
  • Prove corporate disclosure was given before the action
  • Provide an analysis of the company and documentation related to trade decisions
  • Request a copy of any Formal Orders issued to prepare a client for questioning

Immediately securing the representation of an insider trading attorney in Atlanta will prepare you for the legal hurdles and prevent a client’s cooperation with authorities from being misinterpreted or misconstrued. State and Federal Governments have tactical attorneys ready to prove illegal insider trading and securities fraud in Atlanta. A client should be poised and prepared for the legal fight ahead by securing a top Atlanta criminal defense attorney.

Penalties for Illegal Insider Trading

Illegal Insider trading can result in severe civil and criminal penalties. An insider trading lawyer in Atlanta will use effective arguments to strive to reduce these penalties if a conviction occurs. Maximum penalties for violations of the following laws can include:

Wallack Law will seek to disprove the charges when evidence is present to prevent additional add-on offenses. Before responding to any subpoenas, speak with legal representation. We will also evaluate the potential of any criminal exposure in relation to other active investigations compromising your position.

Why Choose Wallack Law

For over 25 years, Sandy Wallack has provided superior criminal defense in Atlanta. Not only is sound representation provided during trial, but Sandy has presented to the Court of Appeals at both state and federal levels, helping to structure and define the legal and procedural process.

  • He has gained national recognition as a Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers
  •  Named one of the Premier Criminal Defense Lawyers by The National Academy of Jurisprudence
  • Recognized as a Super Lawyer

The team at Wallack Law understands the significance of being charged with securities fraud and illegal insider trading in Atlanta. Being convicted of a white-collar crime in Atlanta can bring financial, economic, and social detriment. Sandy Wallack takes an out-of-the-box approach to defense, seeking the best outcome for each client.

Strategic Defense of Atlanta Insider Trading

Schedule a free consultation to discuss charges of Atlanta insider trading. When your future is on the line, Wallack Law will provide superior state or federal defense. We are in your corner, working to produce the outcome you need.