The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial Continues  |  

Believe it or not, the trial continues. Here are the latest headlines and articles to keep you abreast of what is happening now. AJC: Atlanta schools trial takes a break AJC: Witness: APS staff accused of cheating told kids “You … Continue reading

The Latest News from the APS Trial  |  

As the Atlanta Public Schools trial continues, news coverage is less frequent. However, here are a few articles to keep you abreast of what is going on in the courtroom. AJC Photo: Former APS Dobbs Elementary teacher Dessa Curb talks with … Continue reading

Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial Continues  |  

The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial is continuing to make news. Here are the latest headlines. AJC Photo: Defense attorney Sanford Wallack listens as former APS Kennedy Middle School principal Dr. Lucious Brown testifies about cheating on the CRCT during his … Continue reading

The Latest on the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial  |  

Now that the APS trial has finally begun, the news reports have slowed down a bit. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Click the links below to read the latest updates from this week. AJC: APS trial: Prosecutors seek to … Continue reading

APS Trial Finally Begins  |  

After a lengthy jury selection process, the APS cheating scandal trial finally began this week. As expected, there has been quite a bit of coverage on the first days of the trial, much of which you can view by clicking … Continue reading

Jury Selection Continues in Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Case  |  

No one expected jury selection to be easy on this case, but it is turning out to be even more arduous than anticipated. Click below to read the most recent news about the jury selection process in the Atlanta Public … Continue reading

Sandy Wallack on Defense Team for APS  |  

The Atlanta Public Schools test-cheating case looks to be one for the ages, and Sandy Wallack moved from case preparation to the courtroom with jury selection (questionnaires) on August 11. The case, which has received national attention, is likely to … Continue reading

Drug Charges Bring Big Trouble for Students  |  

Being charged with a Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act (V.G.C.S.A.) is bad news, as most people know. What many people don’t know is just how bad it really is. The consequences are more severe than they were in … Continue reading

Post-Conviction Remedies in Georgia  |  

If you have been convicted of a crime in the State of Georgia, there are multiple post-conviction remedies available to help you attack the conviction and seek to have it overturned. The following is an oversimplified list of the procedures … Continue reading

How to Post Bond in Georgia  |  

The purpose of requiring a person who has been arrested to post a bond is to ensure that they will appear to answer their charges at future court dates. If you have been arrested in Georgia on a state felony or … Continue reading